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person designing a new logo on paper

Is it time to change your logo?

Are you considering redesigning your company brand? Often the best place to start is with your logo. By analysing whether or not your...

cakes in a shop window with a clear price tag

Why you should treat your website like your shop window

In 2021, many businesses don’t have a shop window. In fact, many businesses won’t have fixed premises at all, with business owners...

man using a laptop to buy from an ecommerce website

Why designing an eCommerce website is now so important

Over recent years, the popularity of online shopping has skyrocketed. It’s easy to understand why; we all lead busy lives, we often don’t...

worker applying vinyl vehicle wrapping to a car

3 local marketing tips for your small business

If you own a small business and only offer your services in specific areas, some marketing techniques, which are designed to attract a...

woman frustrated with her computer

Is your website intuitive? Our website design tips

Whether you realise it or not, design is absolutely essential to every single aspect of our lives; ovens are designed to be efficient...

man using a mobile device

Mobile website design and the SEO benefits

There are countless benefits to having a well-designed mobile site, from adapting to (and benefiting from) new customer habits to...

woman planning her business work

Launch your business today! Start-up website considerations

If you’ve been thinking about launching an online business but you have never found the time to get around to it, that time could be now...

colour charts

Why accessibility is important for web design

Accessibility is a top priority when designing a website, especially from an SEO standpoint. It remains one of the biggest trends for...

hourglass on top of a laptop showing a website

Telltale signs that your website needs an overhaul

Owning a website is good news for any business. But just because you've got one doesn't mean to say that it's working as hard as it could...

man using a tablet computer to browse the internet

Do I need a website when I have a Facebook or Instagram profile?

Operating a business throws lots of challenges your way. In addition to your main services and operations, you have to manage your team...

designers creating branding designs on paper

How to create a unique and memorable brand concept

How do you want people and target customers to think of your brand? The brand concept is the first thing your customer thinks of upon...

brand identity pack and computer keyboard on a desk

Unravelling branding jargon when trying to grow a small business

Your brand should be a clear and well-defined overview of what your product, service or company ‘stands for’ and where you fit in your...

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