3 local marketing tips for your small business

If you own a small business and only offer your services in specific areas, some marketing techniques, which are designed to attract a wide audience from around the globe, may not be relevant to you. You may wish to instead take a local marketing approach and focus on a more niche selection of target customers. We share some of our top local marketing tips below!

1. Add a location to your keywords

You may already have optimised your website and online content for search engines, but how many of your keywords have a location tag? For example, if you operate a dog grooming business, you may have placed the keywords 'dog grooming services' in your content. You can, however, take this one step further by including your location tag with this keyword, for example, 'dog grooming services London based'. This will help people in your local area to find your services more easily.

2. Have a local presence

One of the best ways to build up a strong local reputation is to have a clear physical presence. For example, if you wrap your car in a design that promotes your company logo and contact information, and then drive around the local areas you want to target, you will improve your brand recognition in your local area.

3. Join local groups

From local groups that meet to share and discuss a certain hobby, to online social media groups dedicated to spreading local news, there are numerous ways to get involved with a local community. Attend local events and hand out flyers advertising your business or link to your website through social media if someone is discussing a problem or issue your business could solve.

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