Is it time to change your logo?

Are you considering redesigning your company brand? Often the best place to start is with your logo. By analysing whether or not your logo needs updating, you can determine whether your whole company could benefit from re-branding. Below we list the top reasons why you may wish to change your logo.

1. It no longer represents who you are as a company

Over time, it is natural the services offered by a company develop and change. If you have been using the same logo since your company was founded, it may no longer accurately represent who you are and what services you provide.

2. It doesn't look good on social media

Many company logos were created before social media became an essential element of marketing. For this reason, many brands create blue logos, without realising these logos would fade into the background of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, who also use blue branding. To ensure your company logo pops on social media, you may need to consider a logo re-design.

3. Your logo is too complex

A successful logo should be simple, easily recognised and an accurate representation of your company. If your logo is too complex or confusing, it will not be instantly recognisable for your services.

4. You have merged with another company

Have you just completed a successful business merger, or welcomed a new business to partner with your company? Updating your logo to represent the new merger will help your company to feel united, plus it will inform your customers of the new services/products you will be offering.

5. You created a 'trendy' logo

You may have designed your logo at a time when a certain style or aesthetic was trendy. That trend may have fallen out of style, however, and will make your company look dated and out of touch. If you wish to re-design your logo you should aim to create a timeless design, that won't age quickly.

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