Is your website intuitive? Our website design tips

Whether you realise it or not, design is absolutely essential to every single aspect of our lives; ovens are designed to be efficient, robust and easy to operate, beds are designed to give the greatest degree of comfort while also looking aesthetically pleasing, while mobile phones are designed to give the highest levels of performance while carrying out a variety of functions.

Websites are no different. A well-designed website should, at the very least, highlight what a business does, showcase its benefits, denote why its offering is superior to those of its competitors, and give the consumer an option to commit to a purchase or enquire further. These elements should all be quick to find and easily found.

However, despite this being the case, many businesses still do not have a website that is intuitive, and so are missing out on valuable revenues. So, with that in mind, what does your website need to ensure that it is as intuitive as possible?

Design your website to appeal to people’s subconscious

On the surface this idea seems like little more than pop psychology, but trust us, it’s essential. Numerous research studies have shown that people’s brains are attracted to bold colours, easy to read fonts, straight lines and evenly-spaced sections. This is why we find comfort in a tidy living room or office desk, and why we tend not to like mess or clutter. Our brains like being able to segment things, and that requires tidiness and organisation, whether it be a kitchen counter or website.

Don’t always use words when a picture will do the same job

It can be very tempting when creating a website to try and showcase your writing skills and portray your knowledge of the sector your business inhabits, but rarely does such an approach reap the rewards you desire. Show people what they stand to gain rather than telling them.

Give the customer what they want

Though consumers come to your website because you offer a service, solution or product they are seeking, you have to ensure that you provide the information and options they need to get any purchase over the line. Selling is a two-way street; you need to provide the customer with everything they need, but you also need to know what it is they are looking for both in terms of content and service.

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