Telltale signs that your website needs an overhaul

Owning a website is good news for any business. But just because you've got one doesn't mean to say that it's working as hard as it could be, or even that it's fit for purpose. Updating your website is just as important as getting one in the first place. But, how do you know when your website is due for an overhaul? Look out for these following signs.

Not aligning with your brand

A website is a reflection of your brand. Inevitably, businesses evolve over time, especially during growth and if they adapt to suit the needs of their customers or the changing market. If your website is lagging behind and no longer represents who you are as a brand, it's a clue that it needs a makeover.

Slow loading

If you've been adding content to your site over the years, without updating the design and technology of the site to accommodate these changes, your website might struggle to load quickly. A slow-loading website is a turn off for viewers, so upgrade your site to prevent losing any more followers.

Outdated logos

Even if your logo has stayed the same, browse through your website to check that any external logos you've used on the site are still relevant. For example, if you include social media buttons, bear in mind that Twitter changed its bird logo slightly back in 2012, while Instagram updated its logo in 2016. If your site is still showing these old logos, get it updated.

Low ranking

If you're finding that your website is continually falling lower down the search list rankings, this could indicate that it needs some urgent upgrade attention. An expert design agency will be able to identify how you can improve the look and feel of your site to help it rank higher while taking into account effective SEO strategies. If your website isn't yet optimised for use on mobile devices, then this will also hurt your ranking, so get it responsively redesigned.

Five years have passed

Generally speaking, a website should be refreshed every five years or so, to keep up with the latest tech developments and design trends. If yours has reached or passed this timescale, upgrade your website now.

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